Ambrane P-1600 16750 mAh power bank full review

Recently ambrane has sold 1 million i.e. 10 lac power banks in India and certainly it has became the leading power bank maker in India. We decided to review their P1600 16750 mAh power bank.

On the front of the box you have ambrane and made in India logo and at the back you have some information about the power bank.This is 16750 mAh power bank and its dimensions are 145*80*25 mm and it weighs at around 320 g which is quite heavy but considering the power storage its acceptable.

On the front of the powerbank you have 4 LED lights that indicate the battery level and ambrane branding.The front looks like  it has faux leather finish but it is just plastic. On the right side you have a micro usb port for charging the power bank and a power on/off switch.At the top you have one output port  rated at 5v and 2.1A which means it can charge your device fast if it supports fast charging. I didn’t understand why ambrane gave only one power output for power bank of this size.The chorme finishing surrounding the sides is prone to scratches and it will catch lot of scratches. There is no LED torch light here though its not much of a importance but it may be useful some times.

In our testings we got around 85-87 % conversion rate that means you can charge a 3000 mAh battery at least 4.5 times. It took over 12 hrs to fully charge the power bank and we felt that it charges normal devices slightly slower than wall charger.

Overall it is a good buy for those who travel too much and stay out for 3-4 days. If you want to buy one go here flipkart

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