Apple iPhone 6s ‘chipgate’ ,variable battery life- All you need to know!

Last years #Bendgate wasn’t enough for Apple and now they are facing another #gate – the #chipgate.So what is chipgate? This time Apple decided to go with two different manufacturers for their new and powerful A9 chips – Samsung and TSMC.The samsung chip is based on 14nm process while TSMC is based on 16nm process.

So according to some users ,who have iPhone 6s of both processors,experienced that TSMC chip offers upto 20-40% more power compared to Samsung chip.So if you have a samsung poered chip then you might get some battery life issues.See what our tech-reviewer Ash from @c4etech wants to say about this chipgate-

Its not like that you will get poor performance on Samsung chip¬† powered iPhone.iPhone 6s/6s plus reviews are out and all reviewer agree that it has really good battery life compared to previous generation iphones.So don’t worry too much and just buy if you are an Apple fan.

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