Changing content consumption in India

With the launch of Reliance Jio , the internet usage has risen exponentially. India is currently the second largest internet market and and ranks first in app downloads and time spent on android phones. Current 335mn smartphone penetration is expected to grow up to 550 mn by 2020. Feature phones are dying and budget 4G smartphones like xiaomi redmi 4 / redmi note 4 are becoming first choice of the Indian consumers. With the rise of smartphones the content consumption in different categories is increasing day by day.

Entertainment, sports, news and videos are the most-preferred categories for digital content consumers. Trends shared by UC News (a news and content aggregation platform by Alibaba Mobile Business Group) in January highlight that 73 percent of online content consumers are tagged under the Entertainment Category with a high number consuming sports-related content, especially cricket and football. Cricket makes up for 68% of all sports-related content consumed on UC News.

UC Browser has achieved over 50% market share in India and is the sixth most downloaded application on Android platform with over 100 million Monthly Active Users. UC Cricket, a key component within UC Browser, is a comprehensive cricket content platform with live scores, match updates, match commentary, videos and more. This cricket season (IPL and ICC Champions Trophy– April to June 2017), cumulative user traffic for all cricket-related content exceeded 0.75 billion on UCWeb Platforms – UC News and UC Browser. On a daily basis, over 3 million cricket fans checked into the UC Platform to consume cricket-related content, clocking in 7 million hours of cumulative content reading – a jump of 230% from last year from the Tier I, Tier II, rural regions & metro cities.

While gaming industry and investors are pouring billions of dollors in the developement of AR & VR games. However, gaming isn’t the only industry which is benefiting from advancements in virtual reality. the practical implications of VR in entertainment, education and healthcare along with many others are virtually limitless. HTC Vive is a VR system that has been made available to customers in the Indian market that delivers top-notch VR experiences like never before with room scale movement. HTC Vive brings access to wide library of apps and content across education, design, art, social, video, music, sports, health, fashion, travel, news, shopping, creativity tools and more.

On other hand Mobile Broadcasting apps like  Bigo Live and Periscope provides a real-time interaction and video streaming to the users and allows users to live broadcast their talent and connect with their fans and other talented broadcasters as well as follow interesting broadcasters. Recently BIGO LIVE app introduced VLOG, a Video recording feature on its app for its users.

An increasing number of companies and app makers are finding ways to bring the best of content on users’ fingertips. This, coupled with decline in smartphone costs and increasingly accessible data, is set to provide a major boost to the Indian tech consumer.


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