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Coolpad Cool VR 1x launched for Rs. 999

Coolpad Cool VR 1x

Coolpad Cool VR 1x , the company’s first VR headset has been launched in India. It has customizable lenses that lets you optimize the focal length and object distance. It offers 95-100-degree wide viewing angle and can fit phones from 4.7-inch to 5.7-inches. 

You need to slide in the smartphone that fits in the slot easily. It also straps so that the headset stays steady even when are you are moving your head.

Coolpad says that VR headset is compatible with Coolpad Note 3, Note 3 Lite, Note 3 Plus, Coolpad Max and it recommends devices equipped with HD screens and above for an enhanced VR experience.

The  Coolpad Cool VR 1x is priced at Rs. 999 and will be available exclusively on starting from tomorrow, June 24th. The company plans to launch power banks and smartwatch this year.

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