Godrej chotukool Review – India’s first portable small cooler

First of all note that this is not a refridgerator it is just a cooler which means you can’t freez items in it or can’t keep items that need freezing.
so lets see what are its specifications.
This is a small cooler that can cool your beverages and cold drinks upto 9-10 degree celcius.
The dimensions of this product are 74cm*38cm *43 cm and It weighs at around 7.3 kgs
It has a capacity of 35 litres and can drop 28 degrees from ambient temperature and stops at 10 degrees
It consumes 62 w power and needs 110-230 v ac  power supply .

Build and Design –

Materials used to build are nice and most of the part is made of specially designed plastic.
On the front you get godrej branding and a fan that blows out the air generated inside the
cooler.On the other three sides you get nice welwaty finished fabric and you can customize
and put different pictures on these sides on their website.
At the top you have chotukool branding and the top is made up of rough textured insulating material and you can open the chotukool from top and inside you get 35 liters of storage.It uses magnetic lock to lock the door.

Inside you get a small tray where you can keep your chocolates or medicines and a lot of empty space.
There is  a sponge strip which helps in collecting water generated inside chotukool. Also there is a vent which houses a fan that throws air outside.
In our testings we got temperature of 9-10 degrees and the drinks were cold enough to drink.
Note that it makes some noise for about 15 mins when started but it becomes silent after that.
So we think it is best for students living in dorm rooms and people who keep traveling as you can carry it anyhere due to its compact size and light weight.But note that it is not here to replace your regular home refrigerator .It is still somewhat big for its name but godrej can definitely reduce its size furthur and make it even more portable in next gen chotukool.

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