Why is Google not tapping the other market?

Recently, it just came through my mind that I miss Google searches. It is not as if I am doing less searches nowadays. In- fact my searches average about 6-7 times a day, but on other websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest,  etc. The ratio to searches I do on Google and other websites is roughly 1:5.

How?? Explain me more?


First understand that such discrepancy in the searches nowadays is not by accident. It is the way the world of internet is changing right now.  But Google is quite a bit a latecomer in this regard. Before facebook/twitter, every information no matter what was put up on individual websites. These websites then get indexed by Google algorithms which were shown on the search results. Even the recent information was indexed which was quick but had a considerable time delay. This trend was disrupted by Facebook, Twitter by introducing the world of instant messaging and hashtags.


Imagine a scenario of a cricket match being played between India and South Africa and you are sitting in your office with your mobile. If you want to follow the current score, the commentary, etc., the last place you will go is Google (Nowadays, some mobile apps are available for live feeds).

I just want to highlight the fact that it is easier to access real time information about any topic through twitter, facebook, instagram, etc., rather than from Google. If I want to share a live information, I would just Tweet or post on facebook rather than write on the blog post or website. It is easier to follow the tweets/posts and share among people which makes an average user stay more on social networks rather than writing blogs, etc.

Then we ask the most crucial question: Is Google missing out on a bigger opportunity on real time data indexing that is right now become the most important thing in today’s dynamic world?

I don’t really know what is in the mind of Google but it will still still be the hotspot of searches in the next few years. I am recently hearing the stories of more powerful search engines coming up which would compete with Google directly in the mainstream market of searches. If you think deeply about it, Twitter was created just to fill this gap and Google realized it quite later. Now Twitter is facing competition with Facebook. Young entrepreneurs are adapting to the changing scenario and I feel Google too is going to face a tough competition ahead!


I am not saying in any way that I don’t use Google. If I have to read articles, blogs, news or search videos, I Google it. If I want to look up a research paper, datasheet, product catalog, etc., I will use Google and its products and get the relevant information. It is still an important part of our lives.

Due to the current work of mine,  I am using less of Google as I prefer live information. It is advent that Google’s algorithm is still not does a good job for live feeds. Will this affect our usage of Google? Only time will tell.

Do write in the comment section what are your views on it?


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