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Hyperx Gears of War Headphones review – Ultimate for gamers ?

Hyperx Gears of War Review

Last year we reviewed hyperx cloud core headphones by kingston and now we got a chance to review the next generation Kingston HyperX Gears of War  . Hyperx has been launching all sorts of gaming accessories such as headphones, RAM, SSDs etc. All of these products are high quality and ire intended for gamers as well as those who seek better performance from their PC.  Now lets talk about  HyperX Gears of War headphones.

Hyperx Gears of War
Hyperx Gears of War

Unboxing & Packaging

The box is huge and made up high quality cardboard. You get a headphone , an axtension cable and a detachable microphone inside the box. The foam inside the box looks like assassin’s creed logoand it feels good. Overall the box quality and packaging is worth the price if you just want to get a premium feel every time you open up the box.

Build & Design

Once you pick up the headphones, you can certainly feel the difference between other headphones and HyperX Gears of War . Every first time when my friends saw these headphones they were like “Wow! How much does it cost?’ This should give you an idea about how well built these headphones are.

HyperX Gears of War has the signature memory foam for the earcups and good soft foam for headband. If you haven’t tried out memory foam then you should go to any mall or kingston/hyperx store and definitely check it out. It is really soft and comfortable. The outer layer of the ear cups was made of metal in the cloud core but in the HyperX Gears of War it is made of plastic. This helps in reducing the weight . The headband has two layers , first is a fixed aluminium metal strip which covers outer part of the earcups. The second is movable/adjustable band made of leather and the Gears of War is engraved on it. It certainly feels premium.

On the left side of the headphones there is a slot for microphone where you can attach your provided microphone whenever required. The cable is non-detachable. It would have been a nice edition if the cable were detachable. The build quality of cable is amazing. The thickness of cable is noticeable. On the cable you have the volume control dial and microphone on/off switch. The 3.5mm audio jack is gold plated and it supports 7.1 surround sound. 

Performance & Sound Quality

These are targeted towards gamers and I will give reviews for both gamers and non-gamers. Basic requirement for gamers is that you should be able to hear whatever slightest sound made by the opponent and get the right direction of the sound. HyperX Gears of War exactly does the same. The 7.1 surround sound and crystal clear clarity helps in playing a smooth game. It has decent amount of bass but its not too deep or loud. If you are reading this review and considering this for music listening then be aware that the bass is not too loud. The mids are slightly higher but you will get used to it . These are better for classical music listening as the sound is little bit flat.

The only problems I faced with these earphones are that the ear cups cover your entire ears and as no air flow in and out, it gets got inside and you will have to give your ears a fresh air once in a while. Secondly the volume control wheel is too smooth and volume gets changed even with the slightest touch.


  • Good build quality
  • Good microphone sound quality
  • Best sound quality for gamers
  • Comfortable


  • Volume control wheel moves randomly
  • Need to give fresh air to the ears every 30-4- minutes
HyperX Gears of War
  • Packaging & unboxing 5.0
  • Build Quality4.5
  • Sound Quality4.0
  • Value for money3.5
4.3Overall Score

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