Logitech M-235 Wireless optical mouse review

Logitech is the leading brand in the manufacturing of mouse/keyboards.Logitech M-235 is a budget friendly mouse with an MRP of Rs.799  i.e. $15 . This wireless optical mouse comes with hardware warranty  for 3 years.This mouse requires a AA battery which logitech claims that it will last for 12 months.Receiver is also of high qualitgy.

The build quality of this  mouse is top notch.It is made of really good plastic and rubber.At the bottom of the mouse you have slot for battery and power on off switch.Hand fits comfortably on mouse and scrolling is really smooth.It has four rubberised pads at bottom to prevent slipping from slippery sufaces.Overall we were quite impressed with the quality and performance of mouse and give a rating of 5/5.

you can buy it from here- Amazon-

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