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MSI GV62 7RD Review Powerful Budget Gaming Laptop

MSI GV62 7RD Review
  • Build2.5
  • Design5.0
  • Performance5.0
  • Display3.5
  • Heat Management5.0

MSI GV62 7RD is stuffed with raw power with NVIDIA GTX 1050 4GB Graphics,Intel 7th gen core i7 7700HQ processor , Cooler Boost 4 technology , Steelseries keyboard but also has some drawbacks like build quality, Display quality. Know more in the Detailed review below.

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4.2Overall Score


MSI GV62 7RD is the latest addition to GV series of gaming laptops. Just recently they have started marketing their gaming notebooks and other accessories in India. MSI is relatively unknown to many Indian consumers but gaming community has known MSI since some time. I was in search of a good laptop with high end specs as I needed it for video editing and I spotted the Launch day deal on this MSI GV62 7RD and grabbed it for as low as Rs 55,000. The MRP of this laptop is Rs 79,999. You ca buy it here . Lets go through the specifications first.

MSI GV62 7RD Specifications

  • 15.6″ FHD 1920*1080p TN Display, wide-view
  • 7th gen. core i7 7700HQ processor
  • NVIDIA GTX 1050 4GB graphics card
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM , 2400 MHz
  • 1TB 5200 RPM hard disk drive
  • Steelseries keyboard
  • Cooler Boost 4 technology for better cooling
  • Nahimic 2+ 3D surround sound technology
  • Only 2.2kg

MSI GV62 7RD : Build & Design

Despite being a gaming notebook MSI has managed to keep the weight at 2.2kg only. This is possible due to amount of plastic used is very high and plastic quality should have been better. Everything is made of plastic but the good thing is that plastic is matte and gives metallic feel. The display is supported by two hinges and it doesn’t feel strong.Overall the build quality of this laptop is below average in my honest opinion.

Design wise MSI GV62 7RD has kept all the featues of gaming laptop such as effective cooling system,ports and outputs. On the right side you get a power plug slot, 3 in one memory card slot and a USB 2.0 port. No CD/DVD drive slot. On the left side you get  two USB 3.0 ports ,a USB 3.1 Type C port for faster file transfer, HDMI, RJ45 ethernet port and a 3.5mm audio jack alongside microphone jack.

On the front bottom side you get 3 LED notification lights and two 2W speakers. At the bottom side you can clearly see the inside parts and a sub-woofer . This gaming notebook has lots of space open for airflow which also means that there will be dust deposition as well. Inside you have a heat sync pipe which allows the two exhausts to throw out air very efficiently. Design wise it has left no stone unturned. It has a design of a true gaming notebook.

MSI GV62 7RD : Steelseries keyboard & controls

Steel series keyboard is one of my most favorite features of this gaming notebook. Typing is such a delight and has a really good feedback to it.  You have to experience for yourself to see how good quality this keyboard is! The keyboard is backlit illuminated and has only red color illumination. Many higher end gaming notebooks from MSI have RGB backlit illumination and you can play with the colors all you want. I wish this notebook had this feature. The keyboard is full size keyboard and it will take some time to get used to the new function keys and controls.

Above the keyboard you get 3 dedicated buttons – One for on & off, dragon center one tap launch and turbo fan speed button. If you are playing a graphics intensive game and you think that the temperature of CPU and GPU is very high then you can use the turbo fan speed button to cool down your notebook. It works as expected. I tried mining bitcoin on this notebook and the temperature rose to 63 degree celsius and the turbo fan was able to bring down the temperature to 56 degree celsius within 3-4 minutes.Touchpad quality is really good and sensitivity is also good.

MSI GV62 7RD : Display

I was really worried while buying this laptop as digit stated that it has really bad viewing angles and color shift is terrible. But to my surprise, the color shifting is not that bad and is certainly better than Macbook air 2017. The display used in MSI GV62 7RD is a 1080p (1920*1080) FHD TN panel. This is not an IPS LCD panel so the colors are not vibrant and vivid. Yes, there is color shift but it is not that bad. It has an anti glare matte screen which means you can view screen opposite to a light source without any issue. The display brightness is great. I always use 0 brightness at home as it is easier on eyes. The display can be very much brighter  if you want it to be. One of the reasons why gaming notebooks use TN display instead of a IPS LCD panel is its load time. TN display has a response time as low as 1ms and IPS LCD has a frequency response of 10ms . This lag can improve gaming experience but not the day to day use. Overall the display quality is good for gaming and readind stuff but not good for watching movies or editing photoshop. You can always use external monitors to make use of the beast processing power while editing.


MSI GV62 7RD : Performance

One thing that this MSI GV62 7RD excels at is performance. This gaming notebook packs a lot of firepower inside with 7th gen. intel core i7 7700HQ processor which is clocked at 2.8GHz and can go up to 3.8GHz when turbo boosted. This beast CPU is supported by amazing NVIDIA GTX 1050 GPU with 4GB memory. It has 8GB of RAM and can be expanded up to 32GB via the two slots. Boot times are fast and apps open and close quickly. I tried playing GTA V with high settings and it played it pretty smoothly. I also edited and rendered 4k videos on this MSI GV62 7RD and had no issues while editing or rendering. The cooler Boost 4 technology always keeps temperature of laptop in check and you can always use that turbo fan switch when it starts to get hot.

The audio quality via headphones is great and microphones work perfectly fine. The sound quality via the speakers is loud but it is sharp and lacks depth and bass. Speakers sound like typical gaming laptop. Webcam quality is below average. There is neither optical DVD slot nor an external SSD slot but you do get a m.2 SSD slot after opening the bottom panel.Overall the performance from this laptop is outstanding and this was the sole reason I bought this laptop despite its some other cons.

MSI GV62 7RD : Battery

This notebook has a 6 cell battery and I don’t know how much mAh it packs. The battery lasts for around 3-4 hours depending on your usage. This is a gaming notebook , so expect faster battery drain and shorter battery life in future. It has a 135W power charger adapter to draw the required electricity to run all those graphic intensive tasks. One big drawback is that the battery is under the bottom panel which means you can not replace it easily. Overall the battery life is satisfactory as of now.

MSI GV62 7RD : Verdict

The MSI GV62 7RD is a really good gaming notebook with great performance and power it packs. The only downsides are the build quality, webcam quality and no display quality. The are many good gaming laptops available at the price of Rs 79,999 like Asus FX553VD , Acer predator helios. Look for the offer and grab one of these laptops . If you have any questions on this laptop feel free to ask them in comment section. YOU might want to buy hyperx gears of war headphones with any of your gaming laptop.





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      I bought the i7 version for 55k in offer. Right now offers are going on on paytm. Check it out. I5 version will also be good but display can be better on many other laptops in 55k i5


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