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QCY QY19 Review – Best Budget Bluetooth Earphones

QCY QY19 is an upgrade over the QCY QY8 that we reviewed last year. I accidentally broke the QY8 so decided to buy these QCY QY19 from aliexpress for around Rs.1000 ($15) and got delivered to Mumbai within 20 days. QY8 were a good pair of bluetooth earphones with great battery life (6hrs) and audio quality was also really good. You can check out the review here.

qcy qy19
qcy qy19

Packaging & Box Content

My unit was sold by official QCY store on aliexpress so the earphones came with an original box and on top of it, seller gave me an extra pouch. So inside the box you get a short micro usb cable to charge the earphones, a carrying pouch, earphones, 4 pairs of eartips and 2 pairs of hinges . You also get a small piece of plastic which helps in managing the cable length. Box was made of cardboard and was pretty simple.

Design & Build Quality  – QCY QY19

There are major changes in the design in the qcy qy19 from the qy8 . First noticeable change is that the earbuds are smaller in size and aesthetically more appealing. This time around the cable are not flat as seen on qy8. The cable  is thin and I am worried about their durability. You get a separate in line microphone with a charging port and volume controls. It has IPX4 rating which means these are water/sweat resistant. So really useful in gym and running. Overall the design and build quality is solid and worth the money you are spending.

Sound & Performance – QCY QY19

When you try these qcy qy19 earphones you won’t believe that these are $15 or Rs.1000 earphones or any friend of you will not believe it. The sound quality is really good for the price point . The mids are balanced and highs are good. It annoys my ears when the mids are high on any earphones but thats not the case with these. The bass  is deep and punchy. You will have to use right size eartips to enjoy these at full potential. Sound quality wise I give it a thumbs up.

As for the battery life , It lasts for more than 6 hrs with average to high volumes. It takes around 2 hrs to fully charge the qcy qy19 and an LED light will indicate the battery life. You also get a battery bar on your smartphone. These are equipped with voice commands like whenever any person calls you , earphone will speak the number , power on/off,device connected/disconnected. The call quality is also really good and noise cancellation in calling is on par with other earphones priced 2x .

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Final verdict – QCY QY19

For this price point you won’t get any better earphones than qy19. Everything is excellent. Sound quality, build quality,microphone and box accessories. Whenever a re-seller buys these from china and then sells on ebay or amazon, he will increase the price 2 folds to cover his expenses and profits and thats the reason why you will see qy19 labelled earphones selling for more than Rs.2000 . If you want to save your money and time is not the problem then buy form the aliexpress otherwise go for any other cheaper bluetooth earphones in Indian market.


  • Packaging & box contents4.0
  • Build & Design4.0
  • Sound Quality5.0
  • Battery Life4.0
  • Value for money5.0
4.4Overall Score

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