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Play and earn real money with Rooter App Review

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you can enjoy your favorite sports and earn some real money simultaneously. There are many site where you can earn real money like leaguesx , dream 11 and many more. In this article we will be talking about Rooter App .

What sets Rooter app different from others is its social platform. You can live chat with other users who have similar interests. You also get live updates about any live sports that are being played.

UI ( User Interface) of Rooter App-

You can log into the Rooter app with your facebook or google account. If you are logging in for the first time then you will receive some instructions about how to use cards and some basic introduction of the UI . So basically you can see what matches are currently being played and upcoming fixtures. Currently Rooter app has sports like cricket, tennis,football and NBA basketball.

rooter app

For any upcoming fixtures you can see pick cards now option. Once you click on the pick cards option you are asked to select a card from different categories of that sport. You can choose up to 4 cards for any game, 1 from each category. This cards are nothing but predictions of the game that you have to make beforehand. Different kinds of cards have different points. The most difficult task will have more points. You are given 50 coins as a starting bonus which can be used in exchange of cards.

If you win the challenges or predictions you will earn those points . Once you have enough points then you can exchange them for amazon gift cards or can redeem it for paytm cash. Each game will have leaderboards list and if you are in the top positions you will receive net cash via paytm or equivalent virtual money.

It is more fun if you download and start predicting your predictions for your favorite club or team. Some improvements can be done in the app and I hope that they will make UI more user friendly in future. Some suggestions from our side are

  • If we can select each sport separately like every sport has different section and we can see  only that sports games if we click on that ( This issue has been solved in an update )
  • Users should get 50 points at the start of each month or more frequent plans to get coins
  • Once the user base gets huge then there will be lot of spamming in the chat section so a really good algo is needed to maintain the quality of chat
  • Scoring points is really difficult in this app. You have better chances winning in leaguesx squad if you are a football fan. If you predict for around 12 points your 4 points will get deducted and if you win 2/4 predictions , this means you will get only 2 points out of this.



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