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Sony G series SSDs that record 4k or higher launched in India

Addressing the increasing data storage demand from professionals, Sony India today expanded its professional media line-up with the introduction of two new sony G Series Professional Solid State Drives (SSD) in 960GB (SV-GS96) and 480GB (SV-GS48) capacities. These SSDs are designed to cater the upward trend for reliable, external video recording devices docked to camcorders or high-performance DSLRs.


Sony claims that these new sony G series SSDs are more durable ,reliable and efficient than most of the SSDs . These are meant for the pro level photographers and content creators.

Sony G series SSDs use sony’s error correction technology, the 960GB SSD achieves up to 2400 TBN (Terrabytes written) and the 460GB SSD can reach 1200 TBN , resulting in less frequent replacement and high ROI.  2400 TBW translates to about 10 years of use for the SV-GS96, if data is fully written to the drive and average of five times per week.

These new G series SSDs can offer read speeds up to 550mbps when connected with your PC using suitable cables. These SSDs are available for

  • SV-G548 480GB for Rs 25,500
  • SV-G596 960GB for Rs 47,500

Well, these SSDs are almost double the price what Samsung is offering for. Here are some 480-525GB SSDs that you may be interested in

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