Things to be remembered while buying a smartphone!

As the smartphone industry is growing day by day and new manufacturers are making entries into ever growing smartphone market, users have lots of options to choose from.So we decided to write a post about things to be remembered while choosing a perfect smartphone which fulfills all your daily needs.


One of the most important parts of the smartphone is the display.You should be asking questions to yourself like HOW BIG SCREEN DO YOU WANT?                    WHAT SHOULD BE IT’S RESOLUTION?

So choose display depending on your need . If your hands are small then go with a 4.7″ or a 5″ display. If you are comfortable with large screen phones such as Samsung note series or other 5.5″ displays then you can choose any of them but do look what resolution displays are they.

Now choosing the right resolution for your phone.IF YOUR PHONE HAS 4.7″  DISPLAY THEN A 720P panel would be fine.But IF YOUR PHONE HAS 5″ DISPLAY MAKE SURE that it has a FULL HD 1920*1080p display.On a 5″ 720p screen ppi would be 294 while on a full hd phone it will be 441.This means that full hd display will look sharp and nice colors and will give you a nice visual experience.If your phone has a display BIGGER OR EQUAL TO 5.5″ then the resolution must be atleast FULL HD and will be a treat if its QUAD HD display.


As per me, second most important thing in a smartphone is camera.I remebere the days when NOKIA smartphones had cameras of 3.2mp and they were considered best, but gradually megapixels increased and now we can see sensors upto 41 megapixels. If it was 2014 the minimum megapixel your smartphone would have be 8 mp but its 2015 and as per me MINIMUM CAMERA MEGAPIXELS SHOULD BE 13 mp.

Note that camera should be able to shoot 1080p videos at 30fps and quality should be decent. As the craz for selfies is increasing MINIMUM FRONT FACING CAMERA SHOULD BE 5 mp.If your manufacturer is offering front cameras to be 8mp or 13 mp , they are most welcome.MAKE SURE THAT REAR CAMERA HAS A FLASH a single LED or a dual LED.If you are paying more than $350 for a phone then it SHOULD BE ABLE TO SHOOT 4K Recordings.


The rivals in the processing department are qualcomm and mediatek.Generally mediatek processors were seen in midrange and lower end devices and qualcomm was all over the  smartphone market.But now things have changed with MTK Helio series of processors.Qualcomm failed miserably when it comes to 64 BIT  processors as almost all the qualcomm 64bit processors were prone to heating including their flagship SD810 chip.

So if your budget is under $200 then the processor should be SD410 clocked at 1.2 GHz quad core or Mediatek MTK 6753 chipset.  If your budget is $200-$350 Then the processors used should be MTK Helio X10 or  SD615.A nd above $350 the processors should be SD810 or Helio x20 or any lates from mediatek.

I really don’t get it when the snapdragon 801/805/807 have proven their power and no heating issues , manufacturers are going with heat prone SD615 processor.Samsung chose to go with their own homegrown EXYNOS chipset which really was a good decision.

MINIMUM RAM SHOULD BE 2 gb or your phone will get hanged so often that you may break your phone of frustration…lol


INTERNAL STORAGE  on your phone should be atleast16 Gb WITH A EXPANDABLE SLOT for micro sd card and if its non-expandable Then internal storage should atleast be 32 Gb. For those manufacturers who give 16 Gb NON-EXPANDABLE STORAGE pls consider that a 5min long video recording may end up using aroud 1gb of space.

The phones are getting thinner and thinner and manufacturers are not giving too much attention on battery capacity.The average battery for a 5″ 720p phone should be 2500 mah and 3000 mah for a Full hd phone.If your phone has bigger display then battery should be at least  3500 mah to get you through a day of usage.

It will be really nice if the Battery is REMOVABLE.


  • Customer support and service centres
  • You may opt for a rotatable camera
  • A laser auto focus
  • Brand

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