Vivo V5s Good and Bad things you should know

Vivo V5s is a successor to the Vivo v5 . Vivo is launching phones focused on selfie cameras and looks that deceive offline buyers. Vivo V5s is not the exception to that deception list. On one side xiaomi and LeEco are launching phones that offer great performance and decent camera at consumer friendly prices and VIVO OPPO are launching camera focused phones neglecting all other aspects of the phone such as Display, Battery, Performance. Out of the 5 pillars of smartphones lets see how many boxes does Vivo V5s ticks.

vivo v5s
vivo v5s

Display –
           Vivo v5s has a 5.5″ 1280*720 pixels display. This is 2017 VIVO and you are still stuck at a 720p display. Seriously? Xiaomi’s redmi 4A a Rs 6000 phone has a 720p display and your phone is priced at Rs 18,990 . Vivo this is a Daytime Robbery  from the Indian consumers who don’t know much about technical details of a smartphone. Vivo V5s has FAILED the display category.

Vivo V5s runs on a mediatek 6750 octa-core  (4 x 1.5GHz A53 + 4 x 1.0GHz A53) processor with Mali T860 GPU. This is an entry level processor by mediatek  and has really POOR  benchmarks. This processor is really underpowered and can’t handle your day-to-day usage(medium & heavy). Note that this is an year old processor and there will be almost no software development for this processor meaning not updates .As the time passes you will surely notice the lag in normal usage. VIVO V5s has  FAILED this category.

Camera –
           This is where the Vivo has put all their efforts in. The vivo V5s has a 13mp  rear camera with an aperture of f/2.2 . An aperture of f/2.0 or greater would have been better but no complains here. The front  camera is a 20mp  camera with an aperture of  f/2.0 . If you want a phone that is just used to take selfies then yes, this is the phone for you. Vivo V5s has WON this category.

Battery –
Vivo v5s 
comes with a 3000 mAh  battery. Depending on your usage the battery should last for a day(12hrs) and if your day starts at 6 am then you will surely need a charge by 6pm with a moderate use. We would be NEUTRAL  in this category.

Build Quality
         The build quality is Good with iphonish design. Well even if they copy iphone for design , it looks great. It also has a finger print scanner so that’s a plus point. This phone costs Rs 18,990 and if you consider price to performance ration, its NOT WORTH your hard earned money.

Note – This is just my opinion and its not like I;m biased towards any brand or company. Its just that I want brands to provide some basic and decent quality specifications. Every brand wants to maximize their profits but they should earn the profits and not by robbing consumers. What do you think?

Vivo V5s
  • Display1.0
  • Processor1.0
  • Camera5.0
  • Battery3.5
  • Build4.0
2.9Overall Score

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