What is a refurbished product ?

Many times while shopping online , you might have came across the word ‘refurbished’ . You might have wondered why the price of a refurbished phone/product is so low and should have hesitated buying that product. So what exactly is a refurbished phone ?

Many times what happens is that you buy a product online , you open the box and use it for one or two weeks then you think that the product is not good enough or has some defect or there is another new product in the market and you tell e-commerse that it is defective and you return the product . Then this returned product is thoroughly checked by the manufacturer and if they don’t find it defective it will be sold as an open box unit . And if the product is found defective , it will go under repair and will be made as new as the original one . But there will or rather I would say might be some handling physical defects such as scratches or dent but in terms of performance wise it will be same as new one.

These products have typically been through one of the following processes: they have been repaired by an authorized service center or an seller approved third-party refurbisher, or they have been restored to its original working condition by the manufacturer.  Such products may show some minor cosmetic blemishes due to handling.Refurbished items carry either e-commerse warranty, seller warranty, or limited manufacturer warranty. All this refurbished products pass through a strict inspection so I think you should think buying a refurbished product as it will save almost half of your money and again if you don’t like the product there is always an option to return it . So have a good shopping and buy wisely. In India overkart is a good option to buy refurbished products.

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