Why you shouldn’t buy Meizu M3s !

Meizu launched Meizu m3s in India with two variants – one with 2GB RAM / 16GB internal storage and another one with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage . Meizu priced them at Rs 7,999  and Rs 9,299 respectively .So here you get your one of the reasons Why you shouldn’t buy Meizu M3s- the PRICING . Its close competitor Redmi 3s is priced at Rs 6,999 for the lower model and Rs8,999 for the superior model. Redmi 3s prime has 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage and has snapdragon 430 processor which is much faster than mediatek mtk6750 . So you won’t get that kind of gaming experience with meizu m3s as it lags more often than redmi 3s prime . So surely the price and the processor is the first weakness you get with Meizu m3s .

Moving on , the speaker quality is the WORST that I have ever heard on any chinese phone. Believe me, you won’t be able to listen sound if you are in a little bit of noisy place. The output is really low . The audio via headphones isn’t great either.

Number 3. The display is 2.5D glass meaning it gives nice curves at the edges and it feels great but it does not have any kind of display protection like coorning gorilla glass. I dropped my meizu m3s from a height of 3 feet (cot) and it got cracked. So if you have made mistake of buying Meizu m3s , then make sure to buy the tempered glass protector as soon as possible.

Next is camera. It has 13MP back camera and 5mp front camera. Front camera is decent and gets your job done but back camera has so much noise and your images will look pixelated. It has good dynamic range though.

The fingerprint scanner on this device is not active scanner meaning you will have to press and hold the only button- the home button to unlock the device. It is accurate but takes much more time than active scanners.
It does not come with google play apps pre-loaded. This means you will have to download play services app and install all the google apps once you download google framework. If you are tech savvy then you will not have hard time but most of the people will find it difficult.

Now some of its positive points . The display on this phone is really good . It has nice viewing angle and colors are pleasant to the eyes. Though the phone runs on android 5.1 , normal performance is smooth and it has many animations which will not let you feel bored. So these are the reasons Why you shouldn’t buy Meizu M3s.

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