Did xiaomi get the MI5 pricing wrong?

There is no doubt that xiaomi mi5 is a great device . It has great display , great camera , fast processor , premium build quality and what not . All these features are great but  the Indian fans are not happy with the pricing . Did xiaomi get the pricing wrong ?


Xiaomi recently launched device in china and now in India . They have launched 3 variants of mi5 . One with 3gb/32gb/1.8GHz other with 3gb/64gb/2.2GHz and the last one is more premium with 4gb/128gb/2.2GHz .The prices for the respective devices were $300 , $350 and $410 at the launch . This means an amount of (round figures ) Rs.20,000  Rs.24,000 and Rs28,000 .

First xiaomi didn’t launch their smartphones last year and now when they do they are launching lower end variants . I was forced to write Is xiaomi making India its dumping ground ? . When they announced Mi5 coming to India , I thought may be they are treating us Indians the same way they treat their home china. I thought xiaomi is back on right track with Redmi note 3 after their mi4i and redmi note prime got flopped But I was wrong . .People were expecting the similar pricing what they were seeing for other xiaomi devices . It is like giving someone something for very attractive price and when they get used to or addicted to it catch them off guard . So I think xiaomi really messed up with the pricing this time .It should have been around 20-22k at max and xiaomi should have introduced 64gb version too .

Xiaomi is a consumer oriented company . It has every right to price their product what ever they want . But when you try to be more like samsung , its just that I and many other people can’t digest it . So what do you guys think of this. Do let me know in the comments below and share this post so that it will reach to Xiaomi’s ears .

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