Xiaomi mi Piston 3 Earphones Review- Best under Rs.1000 ?

Well lets start with the box contents.You get one earphone and 3 earbuds ranging from small-medium-large.The box is neatly packaged and looks great.The earbuds are made of smooth silicon and are comfortable.The one thing I liked most of these earphones is it’s cable/cord.It is made up of kevlar which means it will give a nice texture as well as it will be strong enough to hold daily wear and tear.The kevlar coating is upto the joint only after that you have normal plastic/rubbery cable.The earphones are made of plastic+aluminium and they do feel sturdy.You also have in-line microphone so that you can make calls and can have chats.You can control audio levels & back-forward songs¬† through keys on mic.


Now lets talk about Sound Quality-

  • Sound is crystal clear ,no noise or fuzzy sound at high volumes.
  • Treble is within control,not so sharp and not so soft.I liked it.
  • Mids are good but highs are little low
  • Bass is not that heavy,I mean it may not appeal to Bass heads but it is adequate .
  • Isolation is not that great.It’s not like that you can’t hear anything.
  • Lacks in stereo effect.

So overall I would recommend these earphones to a person who likes to listen everyday music and is not bass head.They are currently available on for Rs.999.It will be competing with CX180/JBL 1200/Sounmagic es18s.

RATING- 8/10




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