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Zion Blaze DDR4 8gb RAM review | Made for gaming

Zion is steadily growing and acquiring market share of gaming RAM and more and more gamers and video editors are preferring Zion RAM due to it’s budget friendliness and high performance. We reviewed Zion SDRAM last year and had mixed feelings about the 8gb RAM . Now Zion has came up with a new series of ‘Zion Blaze‘ which is better in both build quality and performance.

Zion Blaze

zion blaze

Packaging and Build Quality

Packaging is pretty simple and standard one, nothing much to write about. You can see Blaze written on the front and some info on the back. We can see that the RAM is manufactured by Hyundai Electronics with part number HMA41G56AFR8N-TF and it uses Hynix Memory chips. So the OEM is Hyundai Electronics and Zion is re-branding it for India under their own name.

The build quality is significantly improved from last years’ RAM and it feels more solid in hand. The outer case is made of high quality aluminum and the black and red color combination adds to aesthetic looks of the RAM. If you have a open cabinet or a transparent cabinet it’ll look really cool. Overall the build quality is on par with most of the RAMs  in this price category.

Zion blaze


The RAM we received were 8 GB *2 . The mentioned speed of the RAM is 2400 MHz. Most of the gaming RAMs you can find in market  have frequency of 2133 MHZ so this RAM gives you more efficiency and more performance  than others. I suggest you to check whether your motherboard supports this frequency (2400 MHz ) or not. It is power efficient and requires only 1.2V of power. This time they have fixed the heat sink plate issue and it is more solid and keeps RAM cooler.other RAM. You can check some of the stats in the pic below-

zion blaze

This Zion Blaze  RAM has 3 years + 2 years of warranty , so you don’t have to worry if anything goes wrong with your RAM. You can claim warranty at any Zion service center ,all over India . It is available for around Rs 5000 and you can get it at much lesser price if you snipe a deal using our link. Overall we recommend this RAM for gaming enthusiast .

Zion Blaze DDR4 8 GB RAM
  • Packaging and Build Quality4.5
  • Performance4.5
  • Price to performance ration4.0
4.3Overall Score

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