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Zion RAM 8gb DDR4 SDRAM Review

Zion RAM , one of the fastest growing & most preferred memory brands in India expands its product portfolio with the launch of its new generation ‘SDRAM DDR4 ZHY21338192HS’Memory Module for desktops, laptops and Workstations. It has 8GB mammoth storage capacity and faster clock speed of 2133 MHZ so that enjoy the operational speed for multitasking, web browsing and gaming uninterrupted.

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Specifications – 

  • System memory – DDR4 SDRAM
  • Capacity – 8gb
  • Clock speed – 2133MHz (2.133 Ghz )
  • Current voltage – 1.2V
  • Dual Rank
  • Data width – 64-bit
  • Module format – UDIMM

The high density module is based on 64 BIT Data width, & 8GB capacity, maximizing the usage, that help users to work with large data sets. Best suited to the engineers, professionals and gamers this memory module is constructed with top-quality chips that delivers stable performance and durability.

You can overclock your gaming PC using this RAM and maximize your gaming experience .Zion SDRAM DDR4 can help make this happen with its superfast clocking speed at 2133 MHZ. Note that there are many other brands out there that offer 1600 MHz clock speed so a 2.133GHz will surely improve your performance .

The SDRAM DDR4 memory module has a low operating voltage of 1.200V, reducing the electrical load of the memory bus and consuming up to 20% less power as compared standard RAM’s. This not only saves power but also benefits pockets with the prolonger battery usage& also protecting the environment by consuming less energy. Furthermore, the module also generates less heat, wherein the systems can operate with reduced temperatures and increase the overall reliability of the module.

Like all Zion RAM products, these modules are backed by 3 years National Direct Paperless Warranty, which means if you buy a RAM in Delhi you can get its replacement even in Chennai, without proof of purchase. The product is already available with Channel partners and leading ecommerce portals.

The only thing you have to be aware of is if your motherboard supports DDR4 RAM or not . Even if it supports DDR4 RAM you will have to make sure that it will support clocking speed of 2133 MHz . Also you will have to note that this RAM is for desktop and not for laptop . Laptop and Desktop RAM are different . It comes with a beautiful red-black combo colour , note that it matters . The only thing zion RAM could have improved is heat discipation plates .It feels slightly flimsy but won’t be any problem when you use it in your MOBO . Overall it is a descent RAM for your desktop ( There is another version for laptop ) . I would recommend this for gamers and students who use heavy software .

About Zion                                                                                                                                                                              Headquartered in Mumbai, Zion RAM has become one of the most preferred memory brand in India among the Indian PC Manufacturers which includes HCL, Wipro, Zenith, HP, LG, Sony etc. Having gained, deep understanding of the Memory Technology over the years, the company strives to understand the consumer needs with an eye on the latest technology and a no-compromise attitude on the quality and reliability .



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